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Micro 25 pre-amps and Series 7 amplifiers

The news has been out for a while, however on the forums there still seems to be some confusion as to what is available and the exact differences between the current models in the range. This page will attempt to clarify all.

Three Pre-amps

There are to be three pre-amplifiers in the current range, the new Croft Micro 25 basic, the Croft Micro 25 and the Micro 25 "R". These are to commemorate the relaunch of Croft Acoustics and 25 years since the original Croft Micro giant killers. The original ethos is back with high performance products at a sensible price. Cosmetically they will be similar to each other (we are not spending any more than necessary on case work). Instead the differences will be inside the boxes. Prices are set at £350, £700 and £1400 respectively.

The new Croft Micro 25 pre-amp
The Croft Acoustics Micro 25 pre-amplifier.

Two Power amps

The power amps are the new Croft Series 7 and Series 7 "R". These are designed to work with the Micro 25 pre-amps and compliment each other very well. The Series 7 are hybrid in design using simplified and improved circuits over the previous Croft Polestar range of amplifiers. Again these amplifiers will be cosmetically identical, but with very different configurations inside the box. Prices are £700 for the Series 7 and £1400 for the Series 7 "R".

The new Series 7 power amplifier
The Croft Acoustics Series 7 power amplifier.

One Phono Stage

And finally, the recently released RIAA phono stage. I recently got to hear this on the end of a line level only integrated valve amplifier (The Stereo 50 by Icon Audio), normally I would not have an opportunity to hear it as intended (my own equipment having a phono stage) and it seeming pointless just to run it through my line at home.

The Croft RIAA phono stage
The Croft Acoustics RIAA phono stage

Needless to say that it performed very well giving a clean, lively, musical and detailed presentation. Priced at £500, excellent value!

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