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The new range has taken a couple of years to organise. But now they are all here and the web site is pretty much complete. The names may be a bit confusing but a quick look at the product overview page (here) will give you a straightforward introduction to what is now available.

The Croft Micro 25 and Series 7 amplifier
The Croft Micro 25 pre-amp and Series 7 amplifier

Needless to say the products sound great, with graduated performance differences as you go up the range. We are particularly proud of the Micro 25 Basic and Series 7 combination which delivers very surprising performance at just over a grand for the two items (and the Basic even includes a phono stage). Pictured above is the Micro 25 and Series 7 (£1400).

Enjoy the site. (last updated 12/6/09).

Prototype News! (08/08)

(by Matt O'Donoghue) more details... Click here

The new Croft pre-ampGlenn has kindly allowed me to announce details and release pictures of the first Croft amplifiers to be built for nearly twelve months. The new range will consist of five moderately priced products, namely two pre-amps, two power amps and a phono stage.

Entry level models will consist of a Pre and Power amp costing around £700 GBP each. Expect hybrid designs in both the pre and power (valve lovers please don't be put off, there are still plenty of valves and the sound is ultra sweet), comparisons to the old EA range will give you Vita/Twinstar One levels of performance at half the previous cost.

The second level (names of products still to be decided) will consist of Pre and Power amps priced Prototype power ampat around £1400 GBP each, again both will be hybrid designs with unique differing configurations - never before produced. These prototypes now exist (pictured right) and are currently undergoing listening analysis at the home of an industry friend. Final tweaks are soon to follow but it is safe to say that initial impressions are excellent. A brief side by side demo with the new prototype pre and my EA derived "Epoch SE" left my Epoch blown away. So again you can expect more performance at around half previous costs.

Finally, there will be a dedicated phono stage (MM only), price to be announced. It is expected to perform at above the level of the second level pre-amps' phono input, but for far less outlay and will be ultra competitive within its market. Details to follow.........

Exciting times..

So to summarize the "Micro ethos" is back! Here is a brief page detailing the second level prototypes (click here). Glenn is currently working on layouts and metal casework for the production items. We are in negotiations with a case manufacturer but do not expect production of cases and thus the new products to start until at least Sept 08 (at the earliest).

All enquires, dealer and review requests should be directed to Glenn (please keep it sensible). Glenn is going to be away periodically during the summer but will respond to emails in due course.

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